Northern Gear is a precision gear and machining company based in Southeastern Wisconsin that produces gears, shafts, and related assemblies as well as machined parts such as valve blocks, spools, housings, and other components for many global corporations you know in the automotive, construction, agricultural, defense, and mining industries.

Family-owned after 60+ years of business, Northern Gear combines a depth of manufacturing experience, engineering expertise, cutting-edge technology, and service excellence that puts customer needs first – whether it’s a large run or a
single prototype.

Engineering Focus

Our customers come to us with demanding specifications that require an intense attention to detail. Because we produce gears and parts that have so much riding on them, we have to get it right – every time.

Our engineering team combines engineering expertise with many years of hands-on manufacturing experience. We collaborate with our customers on their design specifications, making recommendations that optimize performance while controlling costs. We refine existing designs and the related processes with a goal of improving a part’s manufacturability, reliability, and ultimately, the finished product.

One-Stop Manufacturing

Time is money, and we know that as well as anyone. Coordinating between various vendors to obtain a finished product is not ideal – and it takes a lot of time and resources.

When you choose Northern Gear, you’re getting a one-stop shop in which we handle every aspect of the production process, which allows us to control literally every aspect of the manufacturing process for you.

For us, that starts with the procurement of raw material, in bulk, directly from the mill. Once production begins, we manage every step of the workflow including heat treating, coating, painting, and plating. You tell us when and how you need it, and we make it happen.

Precision Quality. Exceptional Service.

Everyone at Northern Gear puts our customer's needs first. That may be why so much of our growth and success has come from word-of-mouth referrals and from existing customers entrusting more of their business to us as they expand into new areas and technologies.  

We have a team of experts who are easy to reach and responsive when you call or email. We have made it a priority to invest in new equipment and technology to remain on the cutting edge so we can meet the continually evolving needs of our customers. Most of our equipment is CNC, and we are EDI-capable.

We are ISO 14001:2015 and 9001:2015 certified, an independent and proven mark of high quality and performance.


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