Northern Gear presents its customers with superior engineering and problem solving capabilities. 

Northern Gear's multi-disciplined engineering and design team looks at each part as a critical component of a larger application. 

The ability to combine conceptual engineering expertise with your critical requirements together with CPPD, (Concurrent Product/Process Development), results in the highest quality component, cost effectively. 

Northern Gear's engineering team will meet with you at each stage of the project to get as much input as they can.  Where indicated, they will propose alternative designs to increase manufacturability.  These discussions provide insight that will prevent future problems.

Our goal is to use Northern Gear's engineering experience to help our customers.

Recent Projects

  • Hubs & Spacers Photo
  • Bull Gears & Hubs Photo
  • Fuel Systems Photo
  • Power Take-Off Gears Photo
  • Oil Pump Body Photo
  • Worm Gears & Shafts Photo

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